Lynette 102Lynette Loeppky was born and raised on the Manitoba prairie by Mennonite parents. She began writing after receiving a BA in Russian Language and Literature from the University of Calgary. Lynette studied creative writing under Aritha van Herk and Robert Majzels and was mentored through the writing of Cease by Merilyn Simonds. She now lives in Calgary with her dogs, Noddy and Charlie, who do an excellent job of getting her away from her computer and out into the elements on a daily basis. Cease is her first book.




“Shadowed by secrets and desire, Cease unfolds as a brilliant and devastating memoir of how two women face the unpredictable forces of love and death. Compelling, terrifying, and unforgettable, this portrait will seize every reader’s heart and head in equal measure. Cease is unique, transfixing, and beautifully written.” ~ Aritha van Herk

Your writing makes me want to follow you on your journey. A book like this needed to be born. BZ

Just finished your book. Couldn’t put it down!! Impressed by the relationship descriptions that were so raw and deep. Congratulations on such a good book! BVM

A compelling and engaging read.  Once in, you cannot leave it – we know how the book will end but we are compelled to stay with the story. The structure is amazing.  Somehow your writing about Cec’s last days helped me understand my mother’s death better. That’s the beauty of literature – through someone else’s experience, your own experience can become richer and clearer. Your book really does this in spades.  CH

I could feel your pain, frustration, sadness, anger. Regardless of the relationships we have, whether with women or men, you put into words the feelings I and many others have experienced…whether we should stay or go….always holding out hope that they do love us.    PM

Cease is a story of unapologetic complicated emotions. Can you love someone and still want to leave them? Can your heart break at your loved ones illness, and still want to go home and sleep? The story is tragic, but the writing carries you through it without dampening any of the difficulties. I found myself smiling and sometimes laughing at some of Lynette’s inner commentary. Beautiful, sad, life affirming, and a wonderful read.  MS