Cease in the Globe and Mail: The Story Behind the Story

October 5, 2015
After she died, I was left with the guilt that I’d thought about leaving, and that I hadn’t told her I was thinking about leaving. More than anything, though, I felt guilty that I had imagined her gone. And I couldn’t shake a feeling I knew was irrational: that her absence was somehow my fault.
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CBC Books: Five Devastating Quotes

October 2, 2015
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Q & A: Open Book Toronto

October 1, 2015
Open Book: How did your nominated book begin for you? What drew you to your subject matter?
Lynette Loeppky: It wasn’t so much that the topic drew me to it as that I couldn’t escape it—not for the eight-and-a-half years that Cecile and I lived together, and then doubly-not after her terminal diagnosis. The only way back to my self after her death was to examine the questions that wouldn’t relent: What responsibility did I carry for what hadn’t worked in our relationship? To what extent had I “let it happen” and to what extent had I actively contributed? Why hadn’t I been honest with her when I had the chance?
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Excerpt of Cease in the National Post

September 30, 2015
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Cease Reviewed in Room Magazine

September, 2015
“By gently braiding past with present, Loeppky elevates Cease into a story that is more than a memoir of loss—it is a testament to the complexities of sharing life and love with another. The descriptions of their time on the farm extend these themes beyond hospital walls, allowing readers a glimpse of an honest account not only of death, but also of the difficult beauty of life.”
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Lynette talks about Cease with Emily Ursuliak on CJSW’s Writer’s Block

July 15, 2015
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Cease Reviewed in the Winnipeg Free Press

May 2, 2015
“Loeppky doesn’t steer away from the harsh reality of cancer’s physical and mental toll.”
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Cease Reviewed in Alberta Views

May Issue
“Author Lynette Loeppky has combined stylistic excellence with raw honesty to create a gripping read.”
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Cease Reviewed in the DailyXtra

March 23, 2015
“…[an] intimate and page-turning memoir…”
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Cease Gets a Mention in the Toronto Star

March 20, 2015
“…an unusually intimate look inside a relationship.”
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Cease Reviewed in the Globe and Mail

February 13, 2015
“…thoughtful and carefully woven memoir…What sets this apart from other caregiver memoirs, is the temporal coincidence – a relationship’s end and an individual’s demise – and the questions that arise from it: Chiefly, why do we stay?”  – Globe and Mail
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Cease hits #2 on Calgary bestseller list in its first week in stores!!

January 31, 2015